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Graduate Students at Florida State University

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This community is for current or prospective graduate students at Florida State University. Law and Medical Students are also welcome. Discuss classes, programs, finances, advisors, thesis, dissertation, campus life, Tallahassee life, etc.!

Some guidelines:
- Introduce yourself, tell us who you are, where you're from, and what you're studying
- Be kind to the other community members. Flames will be deleted without question (and the user will be promptly banned)
- Avoid using "net speak" and please try to use proper spelling and grammar. This isn't school, however it makes communicating with each other much easier. Keep in mind American English may not be the first language of other readers. Abbreviations, slang, and net speak will make translation hard.
- We are not here to do your homework/review your admission essay/act as general grad school guidance couselors. applyingtograd is a great community for that. Any questions asking us to give you academic information you can research yourself will be deleted.
- LJ-Cut is your friend! Any pictures must go under a cut. Instructions are here
- No advertising for other communities
- NO advertisements Try fsu_noles if you want to sublet your apartment or tally_listings. Keep in mind the majority of the community members are members of tallahassee and fsu_noles so cross posting here wouldn't do you much good. If you ignore this and post your ad here anyway, your post will be deleted. If you email the mods to ask "whhhhyy?" you'll get laughed at.
- Please try to keep posts "on topic" in the general category of FSU/grad school/Tallahassee
- We have memories with questions and answers to common topics. Check those out, but feel free to ask questions because policies and aspects of Tallahassee life do change.

This community is maintained by just_kelly. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.